Is this allowed to put in my game?

So I have this idea for a game, players can make little pieces of furniture or other items, and put them in our shop. Now, the idea is that they would purchase this with in-game currency. But I was wondering if it would be allowed to give players the option to sell them for Robux. So here’s my idea

The player would make some t-shirt and put the link of it in the price box of the game. This way when a customer bought a product, it would prompt them to purchase the t-shirt. Would this be allowed? I have seen games where you rent a stand and sell your clothing, but I am not too sure if it’s allowed to have them be used as a price for an in-game item.

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That is definitely against the ToS, or at least as far as I know


Hmm, this one is confusing for me as I have never seen a game have users trade in game cash for R$. I would guess the answer would be no as it seems highly unlikely something like that would be allowed in robloxs TOS. However you could maybe implement a system where if they are in your group they can get cash however that can be very confusing. There have been games that have given out robux but they were quickly either taken down or the creator got banned.

TL:DR almost definitely not allowed

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You can look at full info of the TOS here:

Have you looked all over full TOS and can’t find something about that? That means it’s okay then!

If I’m correct, this isn’t allowed?

Quoted from TOS:
"Robux are not redeemable or exchangeable for real currency, monetary value, or convertible virtual currency from us or any other third party, except as expressly provided in these Terms or otherwise required by applicable law."

As you see, it says it cant be redeemable or exchangeable for monetary value which I guess correlates with money/value.