Is this allowed?

Okay so basically for my anti-exploit, i made the kick message output. (not implemented just making sure!)

player:Kick("You have been added to the CIA WANTED LIST, Please check:, do not rejoin or expect agents tonight.")

This, of course is a joke, and is not meant to be taken seriously but i was just wondering if roblox will allow this message and do they even flag kick messages?
Please let me know!

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You’re guiding users off Roblox and doing it in a way that is not through any of Roblox’s social links (profile page, group, etc), which is not allowed.


The link is what worries me (in terms of breaking the Terms of Service)


I thought of the same too, would it be clean if i removed the link?

I don’t have the entire terms of service down in my head, but I think it is bordering on breaking it.

I’d go with a kick message that isn’t so obvious to an exploiter that the anti-cheat had caught them because then it would make the process of creating cheats that barely get passed the anti-cheat a whole lot easier. Plus, you’re probably going to get at least 1 false positive and you may un-intentionally scare some legitimate player(s) away.


Offsite link, no it’s not allowed.
Everything else about it is, as far as I can tell, within the rules.

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