Is this allowed?

I don’t think this is the right category please tell me in the replies the right one.

Hey devs! Exploring the Developer Hub I have found the function :GetCountryRegionForPlayerAsync(), I surely don’t want to get in trouble for using it the wrong way but my question is: Is it allowed to be shown to the server? I have seen that it can be ran on both client and server so I’m a little confused on as if it counts as personal information or not.
This might be the dumbest question but I am quite curious.

I dont remember what game it was, but there was a game where the player’s country was displayed above their character’s head. Not sure if that game was ever moderated or taken down, but seeing that it is a supported roblox function, I don’t see how they could moderate against the use of it.

But I do see your concern with it invading the user’s privacy, but it is a broad area since countries are generally large.

My take on this is that if roblox has this in their list of functions, it’s good to use.


Yes, of course it is allowed to be shown to the server. If Roblox did not want to provide such a tool to developers, the API wouldn’t exist. One possible problem might be regarding PII (personally Identifiable Information), but again, because Roblox provides the API you should be fine using it.

One thing I would suggest, however, is to allow the player to “Opt Out” of letting others see what region they’re from, because for some that may seem like an invasion of privacy even though a country can include millions to billions of people.

Wrapped up, if Roblox provides an API for something, you are free to use it for its intended purpose.


Thanks for the help! I’ll make sure to make an opt out option if I ever use it on future projects :D!

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