Is this censorship-related scene too much for Roblox?

This is a scene for a game I’m working on. I’m not sure if it’s going too far for a Roblox game. If there is a specific part that’s causing an issue, I’d rather try to replace or remove that specific part rather than throw out the entire scene, if it can be helped.

In a remote village, someone says a bad word (this word is not shown or described. it’s an ambiguous “bad word” of some kind). Consequently, the nation’s authorities penalize the village by imposing the happy masks. The happy mask is a smiling theater mask built to muffle all sound. The villagers are forced to keep it on at all times, but it automatically opens for a few minutes a day to allow for eating. A national representative asks (rhetorically) if they want the happy masks removed. The villagers try to scream through their happy masks, but are unable to respond.

Normally the village chief tells stories at the campfire as part of their oral tradition, but due to the happy masks they sit in silence. Then someone falls ill. This person will need fluids to get through the night, but it’s impossible to safely give him water because of the happy mask, and as hard as they try, it cannot be removed. The person’s death wouldn’t actually be shown, but it would be implied (in the next scene) that they didn’t make it.


To be honest this sounds like a cool story lol. Anyways i’m not to sure if its to far but i think it’s alright for in lots of disney movies characters are implied to have died.

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There are so many horror games that go farther than this but I think you should be good if you don’t actually show a bad word. The mask part sounds cool and could make for a good dystopian game.