Is this game idea good?

Hello everyone!

Sorry for making so many new topics recently, I’ve just had a really cool game idea and wondered if it has potential.

The idea was inspired by a popular Speed Run game by @Vurse.

I’m wondering if a Speed Run has potential in 2020?

I am going to name the game Key’s Speed Run, which is a reference to my username.

There will be around 30 levels upon release and there will be trails, skip stages and a way to build your own maps if you had a gamepass!

When someone purchased a skip stage on your map for Robux, you would receive some keys!

Keys will be the primary currency in game that could be used for buying pets and getting trails! Keys will randomly spawn around the maps!

There will also be a Premium only pet and trail to encourage players to buy Roblox Premium!

Some pets and trails could be purchased with Robux!

You will be able to sell your pets for keys if you chose to! (Robux pets wouldn’t be able to be sold or traded). The same thing applies for trails!

There will be a trading system in the game where players could try and get better pets and trails!

The secondary currency will be diamonds, a rarer currency which could be obtained by completing a stage! These could be used for buying power ups!

Please let me know if you would play this game or not and why!

(I don’t know how to make polls, if anyone could tell me how in PMs I’d appreciate it).


Well it depends. If you are trying to make a major popular game then this would probably not be as popular as expected. And your game will probably not get on the front page. Currently at 7PM is EST 6/29/2020 here are the stats

(This does not mean i am correct.)

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Hey! I’m not trying to make something super popular, I just want something that will get me funds for other projects :slight_smile:
Think it is a good idea? It seems easy enough to make and those stats seem good if you ask me.


I think you could get a bit out of a game like this.

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Oh that’s great to hear! I’m hoping this can be my first real game that gets released this year :slight_smile:
I’m a developer on a simulator and I’m getting a % so I’ll also get some funds from that too! :smiley:

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If it’s not too easy and uses datastore, I would play it

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Does anyone know where you can get non copyrighted free music?


NCS on youtube, all the videos there contain free to use music and stuff.
I’d link them if I could.

Just find the name of a song you like and search it in the library

It’s a good idea seems interesting If it’s enjoyable, i’ll play it, however I find the idea your going for is quite similar to other games but you add different twist inside your idea consider checking them out and see what they don’t have and what you can do to make your game better from similar ones if you know what I mean.

I don’t see the point in buying pets since majority of the players will tend to sell them just for (keys) or gain so much that they’ll sell them for better reasons. Add something unique and see what other games don’t have.

The idea is good i can see it’s not similar to the existing speed run game but the name is pretty on the off side add a twist (key’s speed run) doesn’t really look that attractive or interesting. Add something to keep players playing your game. So take that with a grain of salt.

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