Is this game ready for the release?

:pushpin:I’m the developer of this game, Kaboom. It’s basically a game where players shoot balls/bombs to make the tiles fall, in which all maps are made with tiles that can be destructive/unanchorable.
:pushpin:The game design and gameplay are almost done, I’m already hiring some QA Testers from my community to get some feedback.
:pushpin: I have a community with includes some loyal people which is around 50 who come in VC or talk once a week or chat in discord.

I'm currently gathering some YouTubers and influencers to help my game. Including some social media groups as well.
But I wanted to think if I'm doing them right or wrong. So the questions - 

(1) Is this game ready for release once the influencers are gathered?
(2) How do you think I should release the game?
(3) How’s your opinion on the game ( 1 - 10 )
(4) Any ideas you want me to add to the game

Game Link: KABOOM! - Roblox


I think once you have the influencers and social media people, have them post things like “Look at this cool new roblox game, it’s coming out in a week!” “Get ready, Kaboom is almost here!”. Then after maybe a week, when people are hyped for your game, release it!

The first part is the answer to question one so I’ll continue from that. Next, when the week is over and you release it, give the players something they can only get if they play when it first comes out, then make it hard to get once the game has been out for a while.

I haven’t tried it yet but I will!

Like I said, I haven’t tried it yet so I don’t know of anything you should add.

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Alright, try test the game. let me know your opinions

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