Is this going overboard with the grass?

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It isn’t bad, but I do recommend removing some grass and substituting flowers and other forms of vegetation into your build. Everything else appears to be okay but adding minor details will help a bunch!


That was exactly what I was forgetting! Thanks!

I think you may be “underdoing” the grass. When you think of grass you think of giant fields not patches (like with the default ROBLOX grass). Maybe try something like that where there’s more of it and it’s a bit lower.

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To be honest I think it looks perfectly fine… However the trees do not really fit in with the terrain and grass.

The green parts are considered grass, the patches of grass you see are actually just taller pieces of grass. Putting grass everywhere would ruin the lowpoly/cartoony look and then it’d just make the game ugly.

To answer OP, you’re going overboard in my opinion with grass on the biggest island, try removing some of the grass close to the circle in the middle.

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