Is this idea worth it?

Yesterday, I tried to make an idea of a RPG gui, and Today, I got the game ideas:

Number One
The game will be a fan-game of Subnautica, but with different game mechanics, map and design. The void will exist still.

Number Two
The gui will be a liitle similar to Subnautica, but the design will be different. Assistant, I am considering using Google Assistant, but if it will be copyright, I will change the name, which you will be able to control and ask him questions and commands.


Screenshots aren’t provided, because the game is only idea.

  • Absolutely Yes
  • Maybe
  • You should edit something
  • Absolutly Not

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I like the idea of a assistant doing what you say.

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no because it could take a long time and you need so much luau skills in order to do this idea

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Subnautica is a cool game, but it’ll be very improbable for you to make something alike.

I got some UI skills, but don’t except the MainMenu to look like the OG Subnautica.

And if I’ll don’t know anything, I can try some lines or ask here.

It doesn’t work like that. It’s as if you’re relying on a forum or tutorials to build a space rocket with very minimal experience. No, if you know how to script or design a little, make a platformer, a simulator, a simple combat game, not a open world sandbox exploration game.
Why. Because without proper experiences of having developed rather simple games, it is improbable for you to be able to achieve any significant progress for a complicated game. Ending up only making a lobby or one system and then giving up is a waste of time when you can finish a fully functional game, despite it being simpler.

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