Is this obby concept a good idea?

Not sure if I posted something in here, sorry if I do…

So I had this crazy idea in mind, that would be able to combine genre for making an obby and get profit from it.

Example: Let’s say I’m thinking of making an obby that narrates a story I made up, so the genre I will add is nature, but I also wanna add sci-fi into it as well.

So it will look like as if I’ve made an adventure obby that shows the genres of nature and sci-fi, that is based from a made up story by myself.

So my point is, is it a good idea to make obbies these days with some different genres together?


I think it’s a cool and interesting idea, if executed correctly. Seems like a good idea to me.

(also I think this might belong in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support)


Sounds pretty cool, although i think there’s already a game like that:

But i think you should do pretty well considering you’ll be having a story connected to it unlike the game above…

No comment…JK! The idea is great. I would play it! I love story games!

I think you should go for it! It would be better than most obstical courses that are public today.

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If you are creative enough, and if you can design it very well, then I definitely think this idea has the potential to work.

it is an interesting idea. I like what you are thinking. But why not add more than an obby to a story game. Maybe like a puzzle obby like flood escape does but add a story to it and just have some only puzzle areas as well as a only obby areas

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It’s actually a really cool and interesting idea you’ve had, it’s crazy aswell but it seems a pretty unique and cool idea to me! But as far as I see obby genre and other things like that in Roblox right now is basically dead but bringing more uniqueness and interesting ideas into will of course make it more cooler and more fun to interact with!

as long as it’s original then you can do it

I have already made something similar to this: Fallen Kingdoms. This is based off another project similar to this post: Adventure Foreword 2. Basically, this is a common thing for people to combine story into obbys, and you should definitely start working on it! Trust me, it’s fun!

It all really depends on how you combine it. If you combine it as if you ripped free models right off the toolbox and combined them, then I don’t believe it would work. If you take time to make it interesting and intrigue the mainly younger demographic of Roblox players, then I believe it would work. A spin to the obby community is always a cool thing to see and I wish you the best if you decide to continue on it. Luckily, obstacle courses are relatively cheap to make and have the possibility of high yield returns. Best of luck!

Well that can give a little extra touch to an oby like that, thanks for the tip dude

Although when looking at the thumbnails that shows the builds in the game, Fallen Kingdoms,
the builds looks pretty basic, but I do admire the work they’ve made in that game and also in the game, Adventure Foreword 2 as well

That honestly sounds pretty cool. I like seeing a “Crossover” of genres in stories.

Yeah, one of the things about Fallen Kingdoms is to be basic, but to have an intriguing story line.