Is this term against Roblox TOS?

  1. What I wanted to achieve is to put a term in my roblox game as a Cafe rank but I don’t know if its against Roblox TOS.

  2. The issue is that I want to put the term “Smoker” as in “Senior Smoker”
    because I am starting a BBQ cafe/group but I don’t know if the term “Smoker” is against TOS.

  3. I just need help I haven’t thought of any solutions that will work

Please comment and help I am very stuck.

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It can be avoided, why would you risk it? Players have been known to be report happy, even if Roblox didn’t take offense themselves.

If you feel like something is against the ToS, don’t do it. A better name I think would work great is “Griller” or something similar.

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I don’t want the term to be Cashier I want it to be unique what should it be called instead?

The new term is Griller thanks for the suggestion which this term I took one of the suggestions.