Is ui designing something I should get into?

I am making a game at the moment for a group of mine- and I took up ui designing since I didn’t like the current style. I really like doing it- but wasn’t sure if I should do it professionally.

Any feedback, tips, or help would be amazing.


To me it looks pleasing, its a nice and simple design, I love it. If this is what you can come up with randomly, or you just took this part, and you really like doing it, then taking it professionally could be an option.

Of course you will need to make more than a gamepasses shop, but overall its good.
If again you can make that without a bother and enjoy doing it, you could expand your career in UI design and take it professionally.

I say just go for it, you never know where you could end up, great work.

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Thank you so much- I will be thinking about it! :smile:


It looks really nice, the only thing I suggest fixing is the black outlines of the GUI and working a bit more on the color picking but overall it’s nice. If you really like doing UI design you can take it professionally but I suggest making a good portfolio before trying to find a job.

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Simple design is fine. I think this belongs elsewhere though. Why not ask for revisions from the person who originally did it but not for a huge price? UI designers would probably do the job for less as they have something to work with. If you really like doing it then do it, I don’t think this needed a post because there are other posts like this + it depends completely on yourself. Your time, your dedication, how good you are etc… we don’t know you, so this is something you probably should think about yourself.

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UI Design is really easy to pick up if you have a good sense of style when it comes to color coordination, and knowing what other people like. The image you provided us is a good example of color coordination, a neutral background with popping colors, however there’s some things that need to be fixed, outlines as well as the shop icon does not catch my eye. If you want to take UI designing to the next level you could purchase a designing product, I use Affinity Designer or Photoshop. But overall if this is your first design, I think you could go pretty far in UI/UX Design.

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