Is what I did beneficial?

Hello there, Im making a car and used a Deafult DriveSeat made by ROBLOX, Im only using it for the sitting, Im going to program the actual steering and driving I also disabled to UI For the driveseat, Is it still good or should I make a custom car seat?

Please let me know you’re opinions, I appreciate any help!

Both are okay, but ROBLOX’s VehicleSeat is kinda clumsy at times.

Thanks for the reply, Although would it still be messy if I don’t use there steering?

If you’re only using it to sit, you’re better off using a Seat.

There’s no point in using a VehicleSeat if you’re only using it to sit.

No, it will be okay, if you know how to code it.

There is a point in using a VehicleSeat, you can use it for steering and stuff.

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Did you even read what he posted? He said he’s using it to sit, that’s it. He’s better off using a regular seat.

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