Is wine subject to moderation even as a non-consumable item?

Ok so, the problem is easy, I know roblox is really pronte to moderate alcoholism and alcoholic drinks but is wine moderated too? Now the obvious answer would be “yes” because it’s alcoholic but I don’t want to add it as a consumable good but as a resellable one, so intestead of drinking it you would resell the wine to merchants, does the moderation still apply?

Sorry if this isn’t the right category but I didn’t know which to use, tell me where to ask if not here

I think that it would not since ROBLOX is a child platform game and on the Roblox Community Rules it says not to add Alcohol, alcoholic references, drunkenness, smoking cigarettes, cigars, and vaping to your game.

yeah but, I mean, when you sell wine it’s uncommon that you think about getting drunk at first, you can’t even consume it, so it’s a bit tricky.

it would be perfect if a roblox mod could read and answer this topic.

Yes. Wine is an alcoholic reference.

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Fair enough, too bad… I guess I’ll stick to something else.

You can substitute this with grape juice or something else and make sure the label is clear on it as well. Juice has been substituted over those options before and I have seen it.


I didn’t think about that, thanks.

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