Is your Roblox game(s) using party teleports?


Greetings Developers!

As you may know, we recently launched party teleports, allowing developers to send multiple players to another place in their game simultaneously. We’re looking for feedback from developers who have begun to use this feature to teleport groups of players around.

If you already use party teleports in your game, please reply to this topic answering the following question:

  • What group sizes are you teleporting?

Developer Relations Team


I have a community based on a specific role-playing aspect of exploring a large area within a universe full of maps, which these take place in anywhere from 40-60 player expeditions to explore the ‘World’ around them.


I haven’t used it yet but I wish we could teleport players to private servers.


Have yet to implement this into my games, however, I plan to have a party system of 3-4 more members per party, so not too many players in one group teleporting.


I tried to implement this into a game I am currently working on a few weeks ago while it was still in beta but it didn’t seem to work at all so I just put ReserveServer back in and am not using party teleports anymore. I was certain I was doing it correctly and my group size was only a maximum of 10.


doing 2 ppl and its working good i think


Would it be possible to try this again? If this still does not work, is it possible to provide additional details including source code and errors?


I currently use Group Teleports to teleport large groups of players into test servers, which is the only use I have for it currently (about 40-50 players at one go)

I can’t use it for most of my use cases because it doesn’t work outside of universes. I’m very puzzled by this because it means I can’t run through a massive feature that would help my roleplay group transfer across genre places for raids.