'IsRelativeToPart' boolean for BodyMovers

BodyMovers are great objects to easily get models or parts to move and rotate smoothly. Unfortunately all BodyMovers are relative to the world/workspace and this really limits their uses if you’re new to programming or when you’re terrible at math. So, what if all BodyMover objects got a property which allows their forces/velocities/other things to be applied relative to the part?

Here are a few situations that would really benefit from such a property:

  1. If you’re using a BodyVelocity for planes and you want it to only fly forwards there’s no need to constantly check the direction the plane’s heading and apply its lookVector*number to the BodyVelocity’s Velocity. This is really convenient for new users.

  2. You’ll be able to use BodyGyro’s to prevent parts or models from tilting in a certain direction even if the part or model is rotated. Ever wanted to make a snowboard which doesn’t tilt to the left or right but only forward and backwards? This property will make that a lot easier.

  3. If you’re using a BodyAngularVelocity to make a car turn by like setting its AngularVelocity to Vector3.new(0, 5, 0), the car will turn more easily when going up or down hills.



Yeah just the other day I felt the need for this. I wanted to apply a force to an object in the “upward” direction of the object. Instead of typing in a value and letting it go, I ended up binding a function to renderstep to continuously update the force based on the lookvector of that part.

Would be cool to have a way to make it relative to its parent.

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