Issue using the :moveto() to repostion model to the position of a part

I’ve been trying to make a farming game, im trying to figure out how to reposition the cloned model to the plot position so i tried using :MoveTo() but for some reason its way off

anyone has any idea how to fix this?

for _, plot in ipairs(workspace.plots:GetChildren()) do
	local Clickdetect = CD:Clone()
	Clickdetect.Parent = plot
		print("plot clicked")
		if player.Character:FindFirstChild("wheat") then
			local wheatC = wheat:Clone()
			wheatC.Parent = plot


I wouldn’t use MoveTo anymore. If you have to move models, MoveTo will limit it and will place the model on top of the part. I would use Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame() instead, since it is just more reliable. You have to set the primary part of the model to use it.

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thank you, it took me a while to figure out how to use it but i managed to make it work

Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame() is being phased out, I’d use model:PivotTo(cframe) in future.

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