Issue with Animation Events only working client-side

Recently I have been using Animation Events as “Damage Frames” for my combat animations. I had this one animation with only one Animation Event, called “DamageFrame”, and wanted to make it 3 Animation Events so the Character would hit three times. I did so, and exported successfully.

It came to my attention that even after exporting, the Animation Events were only working for myself, while my friend’s Animations were only hitting people once or not hitting at all!

I was hitting three times, my friends were hitting once (like the past state of the animation) or not even hitting but still playing the animation.

Has this happened to any of you before? If so, do you have any ideas or solutions for my problem?

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Use a remote event and play the animation on the server, it’ll save you plenty of time.

If it works for you and the logic for this in a script is unbiased (doesn’t matter who is using it), then either by chance this is happening (I doubt it), or I personally think that based on your implementation of your damage calculations it is not registering the same for your friends.

This is just a guess though, you haven’t specified how you are calculating damage, whether this is done on the client/server, etc etc…

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It may be an issue with the way replication is handled. You ought to handle animation events from whichever side loaded the animation.

If you’re using Team Create and it’s a game you own and not a group owned one, they may experience issues with animations within Studio, although, I’m assuming this is an in-game issue in live servers.

That’s a very bad idea in my opinion and it wouldn’t work very well. There’s no need to play an animation through a remote event in the first place.

… If you have animations that are connected to a keybind, you do.

In that case, yes but making a remote event just to run an animation is pretty much useless, animations could be played through Local Scripts as well as Server Scripts.

There is no point in telling the server to load or play an animation if what you are trying to do is detect when an animation event is being fired. With the assistance of sanity checks, instead fire a RemoteEvent from the client when an animation event is reached and handle it on the server.

Generally speaking, loading animations on the client is advised if the animation being played belongs to a client.