Issue with animation replaying

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I am creating a gun and I am making the animation in a R15 blocky rig. The animation basically goes to where I want the players arms to be when it is holding the gun then goes back to the normal position.

I want it so when I play it that it would loop and just look like the player is holding the animation however, the animation just replays and doesn’t stay in the position I want it to.

I have the looped value to true and the priority is action.
Any help is appreciated, thanks


So you have an animation of the player pointing the gun then putting it away and you want it to stop at the point where the gun is pointing?
If Looped is true then the animation will just keep playing.
Shouldn’t you use just one animation where the player pulls out the gun and points it? You could use EasingDirection In and Out to play that animation forward and backward. Using the Animation Editor


Yes exactly that is what I want to do. However, I want it to stay at that point until the player unequips it. Basically what I am trying to make is a Hold animation if you get it.

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Make the animation from unequipped to equipped only.
When you equip the gun with a script then play the animation in the forward (in or out, I’m not sure which way it works) direction.
You may have to change your idle animation as well to hold the gun.
When you unequip the gun play the animation in the reverse (out or in) direction.
Here’s a post with gun animations that you may be able to learn from:

Thanks, however how exactly would I modify the animation to accommodate the extra gun joint?
What I am trying to do is just hold the final state of the animation until the player unequips the weapon in which for further detail:

I would like it so the animation when it gets to the end holds there until the player basically unequips the tool, like I want it to be like a hold animation.

Umm, maybe something like this?

Yes, all I am trying to do is make a idle gun animation with both the left and right hand.

Search around here for how to disable the player’s current idle animation and play your idle animation instead. I’m pretty sure you will get better information from others who have had or fixed idle animation concerns.

Your idle would be an animation you create, starting with the final position of your gun enabled animation and you can add sway or movement if you want like the default Roblox idle animation(s).
When you disable the gun, disable your idle animation and play the gun enabled animation in the reverse direction.

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This is what I exactly want to happen, the final state of the animation just being idle (A gun holding animation)

How would you go about disabling a idle animation? just running :Stop?

You can’t just stop an animation and have it stay at the last postition. The idle animation takes over.
I’m not experienced at using animations, I’ve just read other posts about them.
Try that search button up top :roll_eyes:

What did you do to solve it?
Please post your fix so if someone else reads this post they can get an actual answer.

Yes my bad, I searched on how to make an animation stay in place for it to look like a holding animation.

I found this answer by EmbatTheHybrid:
Animation resets after playing - Help and Feedback / Scripting Support - DevForum | Roblox

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