Issue with camera zoom and lighting effects

In my game, there is an issue where if you zoom in too close to your body while there are lights nearby, the lighting from nearby starts to mess up the lighting effects of everything else - specifically, during night if you stand near a lamp or something and zoom in you are basically get night vision. My current solution is trying to change how much zoom is incremented by when you use the scroll wheel to prevent players from zooming in this close, but I haven’t been able to find a way to do that either. Are there any better solutions to this, or is there a way I can control how much zoom is incremented by?


Thanks for the help!

If all you want is to keep them from zooming in too much, you can change StarterPlayer.CameraMinZoomDistance to a larger number.

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That would work, but we are also trying to keep playing in first person as an option for our game. Much appreciated, though!