Issue with DevProducts and MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo

Hey guys, I’m having an issue.

I am running a line of code below to get the info of a devproduct, but it is returning the following;

local info = MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo(id, Enum.InfoType.Product)
    ["AssetId"] = 0,
    ["AssetTypeId"] = 0,
    ["Created"] = "2022-02-14T00:47:52.1538219Z",
    ["Creator"] =  ▼  {
       ["CreatorTargetId"] = 0,
       ["Id"] = 0
    ["IconImageAssetId"] = 0,
    ["IsForSale"] = true,
    ["IsLimited"] = false,
    ["IsLimitedUnique"] = false,
    ["IsNew"] = true,
    ["IsPublicDomain"] = false,
    ["MinimumMembershipLevel"] = 0,
    ["Name"] = "boost",
    ["PriceInRobux"] = 1,
    ["ProductId"] = 1237210107,
    ["ProductType"] = "Developer Product",
    ["TargetId"] = 11649468,
    ["Updated"] = "2022-02-14T01:45:42.4996419Z"

The issue is that it is returning 0 for the creator ids. I’ve looked around and I haven’t seen anyone with this issue. If you find another way for getting the creator of a devproduct that would be great aswell!

Products don’t have a creator – this may or may not be intended behaviour. A developer filed a bug report as far back as 2013 about GetProductInfo not returning Creator information.

Is there a particular reason you need the creator information? You should make the assumption that the host entity of the game is the creator of the product.


Ah, thank you. That’s frustrating.

I was just messing around in studio making a random game where you would put in your own dev product and have people buy it.