Issue with mobile turning

Hi there, I am FunnelCreator - A developer at RoStock Racing. Recently about a month ago we experienced a mobile turning issue. To clarify- We never changed the code, and we even verified that by pulling up old game files. But anyways, about a month ago mobile players began having issues with turning the car. Used to - You would have to hold the turn button to turn right or left, now it turns by a single tap (Which is the issue). It may seem like a basic issue but the entire devteam (which is like 12 people) are puzzled on how to fix this. The code for this never changed, so we are convinced that Roblox changed/updated the code and that got it bugged up.

Video: Mobile Turning Bug - YouTube

To clarify - Both the break and the throttle buttons work just fine. Its only the left and right. Also this only occurs on mobile devices.

MORE INFO CAN BE FOUND HERE: MouseButtonDown AND InputEnded not working


You can find the code and some additional information about the issue here: MouseButtonDown AND InputEnded not working


This is still an issue and we have not been able to find a good fix for this

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