Issue with more than one vehicle

Alright, I have been having this problem for a while and it’s been getting increasingly frustrating. I don’t exactly know what’s wrong but I think it has something to do with my if statements, if I could get some help I would be grateful as this has caused me a lot of stress.

Some of the stuff that happens is: Controls not working at all for one of the planes, some scripts not working at random times, like when I try to fly it one time the yaw doesn’t work then I try again and it does… Which is super strange in my opinion but there is no apparent error message

Here’s some basic information on my issue:

Video of problem:

Photo of components:

If you need any more information I can gladly provide it.

Oh, I also have a suspicion that this part of the code is the issue, or so I think:
Basically, It’s just seeing if the person who triggered the event is the occupant of the seat and if it should execute the function on itself.

Thanks, and good luck


Sounds like a network ownership problem if it only works sometimes.

Make sure to set it properly upon seating:

I send the value through with a remote event.

Okay, so what I did was remove the “” for the remote event and just made the actual events in the replicated storage so it didn’t create 2 of each event… It works now!