Issue with my fuel truck trailer

(I’m not sure if this is the correct section for this issue.)

So i made a fuel truck (used on airports), it fully works and it uses the A-Chassis Tune to drive around. The trailer is placed in the Misc group and is attached to a part in the Body Group. It uses a Ball in Socket Constraint to keep them together and let it move around bends and other stuff. My problem is that when i drive at a speed of 30Km/H+ and i make a little turn or whatsoever, the trailer then swings around (To the left and right, not up or down luckily)

Here’s a video:

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That is expected to happen since the trailer is supposed to swing. If you do not want it to swing too much, click on the BollSocketContraint and view its properties. In that, you will find a property called LimitsEnabled, set it to true and fiddle with the properties in it to get the desired output.
However, I do not know much about constraints, there are more properties to control this.
Read more about BallSocketContraint here