Issue with plugin widgets

I’ve built a interface that should be enabled when using my plugin.

Problem is, i don’t know how to get this interface to come built-in with the plugin. I’ve parented it to the script, and when it ran, it wasn’t found.

So far, i managed to create the Widget itself, just not the interface that should be put in it.

Any ways of getting the interface in the widget without having to script every single piece of it???

I think there’s a plugin called Gui to Script. I can’t find it though, but I hope this sort of helps.

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You’ve to insert the UI with a script, you can’t insert it in any other way.

local Screen ="ScreenGui")
local Frame ="Frame")

Just found it!!!
Its called “Gui to Lua”

thx for the help

Alright, cool! Glad I could help.