Issue with possible infinite point's cheat

I’m making an infinite wraparound game and I found this simple bug. The game will have a portion where you get points for how many times you wraparound using alternating hitboxes. The issue is, I have a ‘press R to reset’ feature put in place that can easily cheese the point system. The side with the hitbox alternates, as well as the side with the spawn.
If you want the code I’ll give it, but this is more concept then a scripting bug. I just need help preventing this from ever happening ingame.


If you have any tips for preventing this, I’m all ears

You could simply replace the part’s cframe(you can do it by storing one position then switching and then using stored one) and make simoly make u reset above the platform. Its simplest idea i got and I’ve woken up 8 minutes ago so its probably not the best however,I can try helping futher if that doesnt work

Also you could just make it check to is it touched again within a time thats not possible and simply not making it count. Or just add another hitbox thats just a big invisible wall where u do the wraparound and basically make it change an attribute or a bool value whatever u use to true and each time the button is pressed set it to false and if value is false simply make it not give points

Add a debounce, that’s it. Oh yea, DevForum is mid so I have to type 30 ch*racters lol.

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