Issue with remoteEVent

Hello guys , i am trying to test some stuff with remote events.
I use a npc and a proximity prompt , once proximity prompt gets triggered it fires the server.
Howeever it doesnt seem to work.

ProximityPrompt Script

local talkEvent = game.ReplicatedStorage.GuiEvents.BotTalkEvent

Server Script (in replicated storage)

	print("i was invoked")

EDIT : I am getting no errors
Thanks for helping !

change the proximity prompt script from local to server script

and change the remote event to bindable event

sorry if im wrong

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It seems the Triggered event isn’t detected by local scripts, this might be the issue.

Easy. Server Script does NOT work in replicated storage they only work in Server Script Service Startercharacterscripts and workspace.

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Hey thanks this worked.

For some reasons it doesnt , this is really strange. Since FireServer() can only be called from lcoalscript it doesnt make sense.

This is true thanks , but turns out it wasnt really the issue.

To conclude it turns out ProximityPrompt gets treated by server so it doesnt work on local scripts? it is really strange but thanks to everyone for your help.