Issue with sounds in StarterGui

I’ve been having an issue with local sounds placed in StarterGui, since the big audio update that roled out recently, some things aren’t working for me anymore.

When I have a sound object playing music or whatever anywhere in the hierarchy under StarterGui, (obviously for local sound), the sounds do not play in game mode; however they do work perfectly in studio Play mode (not server tests.)

@spotco I assume this is your department?

Not sure if I’ve been doing something wrong this whole time, but this is getting to be re-occuring in my projects.

Spotco would know more about this but I think the supported way of playing local sounds is the SoundService method PlayLocalSound. We should fix sounds playing in StarterGui if games are relying on that but I would still advise using the PlayLocalSound method.

Edit: Actually thinking about this more PlayLocalSound is probably not the best way, since you can’t change the properties of the sound after you play it, or stop it.

If you have FilteringEnabled, you can place the sounds under Soundscape and play them with a localscript. This will ensure that they are played locally.

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I’d recommend using filteringenabled to play a sound locally.

If you can’t do that, I’d recommend checking if the object replicates when created on server (or whatever youre doing) for whatever folder you’re trying to use. From what I remember, if the object ever is parented under the workspace then it will be “replicated until deletion”, even after being moved. Sound behaviour should replicate when the object replicates.