Issue with the built in UI editor

When I select a frame, then select another sometimes Studio moves the previous frame thinking that one is selected, this error also spams the console.

builtin_UIEditor.rbxm.UIEditor.Plugin.Resize:309: attempt to index nil with 'Position'  -  Edit
  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  Script 'builtin_UIEditor.rbxm.UIEditor.Plugin.Resize', Line 309 - function updateHandlePositionFromExtents  -  Studio
  Script 'builtin_UIEditor.rbxm.UIEditor.Plugin.Resize', Line 386 - function updatePosition  -  Studio
  Script 'builtin_UIEditor.rbxm.UIEditor.Plugin.main', Line 328 - function onUndo  -  Studio
Stack End


Hello! I’ve been unable to reproduce the issue. Has it continued occurring? Are you perhaps using a different UI Editor Plugin - if yes, does updating or disabling it resolve the issue? Thanks!

Hello! I’ve found that it mostly occurs after I change the size on the properties, then try resizing using the editor. I don’t use any UI editor plugins.

Alright, understood. We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you. Thanks!

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this bug is really annoying, ui making has literally become impossible for me as everytime i try doing something the whole thing will simply get messed up, i hope this gets fixed.


Im having this issue too. Any updates?

I have this also happening… Struggling to stop making my UI poping out of place after I position them using the properties. It happens when my mouse hovers inside the viewport.

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In one of my places I can’t deselect my uis and my editor randomly drags even when UI visible property is false. It’s also happening to one of my Developers in same place, we have to open up a new baseplate to work on UI.

I wish roblox ui automatically gets scaled on mobile and pc so we don’t have to mess around with them.


True, resizing them to make them appropriate for each device can be hectic sometimes. But none to blame, as roblox on itself can not decide where we want the UIs to go on other devices

I know this is the wrong channel but roblox really do need to figure to fix scaling and it make our life’s much more easier and I can’t make a suggestion as there no channel for that.

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This is a mix between honestly a bunch of glitches, the UI Editor is just insanely broken right now…

This happens with this UI I have (I don’t think there’s anything sensitive, there’s just code that burns eyes but that’s fine.)

@OuterspaceNemo does this help?

If I create a new UI Object and then unselect it, and then select it again via the explorer, it breaks for me :(

The issue above is like I’m sure 100% related, because the entire moving thing being weird has something to do with it, you had it on your video, and I have gotten this error and this behaviour on this UI I have as well, so anything to fix this because I’m learning Roact right now and this is really annoying since I prefer just making the UI right away and then code it at the moment.

This bug report is poorly titled – you should edit it to be specific so it can be easier discovered by other people with the same problem, and doesn’t invite for off-topic discussion.

I am still suffering from this issue. I cannot edit any UI now. Please assist.

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Hi all - we have a potential fix for this that we plan on deploying in about 1-2wks. Thank you for reporting this!


Well good there’s a fix going to be coming, meanwhile…

This issue does seem to have something to do with Deferred Events.
Turning it off while you’re messing with UI fixes it. If you need to do something, disable it temporality.



You just saved me so much time.

I recently turned on that and had no idea why it correlated. Thanks

This issue should now be resolved! If this issue is still occurring, please create a new topic for us to look into.


On differed signal behavior, this issue is not resolved. I am still able to consistently reproduce this issue, but I am not the right forum level yet to post a new topic as a bug report. Can anyone else who’s able to reproduce this create a new thread? It’s an extremely annoying bug, and I have to keep swapping between differed and immediate signal behavior just to get UI work done.