Issues With Blender

So I’m having issues with Blender and it’s been happening recently. I decided to post it on the DevForums first before I email Blender about this issue.

So whenever I start blender I would load in seeing the cube and whatnot but then suddenly my display card will just shut off for a good minute. Once it turns back on my Blender window is just white and it screws all my other open applications. This has never happened before and I’m curious if it’s because of space on my computer (idk).

Appreciate it, hopefully I was descriptive as possible.


There appears to be an actual blender forum for this type of thing. Probably should’ve tried some searching online first since this forum has no real affiliation with technical support for blender.


What card do you have? How old is it? Do you have the latest drivers? Have you tried reinstalling blender?

To me it sounds like an issue with your graphics card.


@TaaRt’s, advice is the best bet.

However I’ll go ahead and give my preliminary and anecdotal advice. For future debuggers that may stumble across this thread, I’ll assume you are a technical novice.

The screen blacking out sounds a bit concerning as that may be a hardware issue, however try these solutions first:

A lack of storage space, this personally has caused Blender to crash on launch for me in the past.

Storage Space

How much hard drive space do you have left? I personally have experienced some technical difficulty when Windows silently downloaded an update leaving 4MB of space. If it is essentially zero; this may be a source of problem.

Assuming Windows 10, go to My Files (Win + E)>This PC>Device and drives>Windows (C:)

If this shows as red, you most likely are running into storage issues and should look into either expanding this or uninstalling unnecessary programs.

Insufficient RAM when launching a Blender file.

RAM Usage

Are you running out of RAM? This could occur if you have an older machine and are running multiple programs in the background such as 20 tabs of Google Chrome (or one). This is a horrible habit of mine to the point I’m idling at 7.6GB out of 24GB; however most family desktops only have 4GB or 8GB.

To diagnose this, you’ll need to open up Task Manager.

Assuming Windows 10, go to the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc)>Performance Tab>Memory
If you don’t see any tabs, click “More details” in the bottom left corner.

You’ll want to do this with your normal amount of background activity.

Conflicting device drivers causing a crash.


Make sure your drivers are up to date, something could be botched up causing an unexpected crash. This is a more specialized solution, so I’ll just provide the official Windows documentation for that.

The old reliable debugging techniques.

The Cliche

  • Have you tried restarting your computer, or reinstalling Blender?
  • Is the connection on your monitor secure (may cause black outs of display with vibration) and is it connected to your graphics card instead of your motherboard?
  • Have you tried updating Blender to a newer version or downgrading to an older version?

If do you find any solution, be sure to post what it was. Good luck!


I did look around for this issue. Couldn’t find it, thanks though.

I can agree with @TaaRt. I advise looking at the forums if you haven’t already. I would also look for any suspicious files that could effect Blender. I haven’t experienced this problem yet. If all those fail, this is definitely contact Blender.

I would suggest going to the website and either update if you’re using an older version or downgrade if you’re using the newest version to find if it’s just the version. Else, perhaps do a complete uninstall with all files and reinstall, or check your graphics card manufacturer to see if they have anything posted on it, or if someone has the same issues in their forums (if available).

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[CONTINUED] Hey, got an older version and it seems to work now. But when I do Import > OBJ > Click my file the OBJ model of my character won’t load. Any solution to this?

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It could be a problem with if your computer can handle it or not. Otherwise, I would reinstall and if it still doesn’t work, it just might be a problem with your computer since that either sounds like a glitch or a computer problem.

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hm, I just don’t know why it wasn’t working before. An update to another application prob screwed it up.


I recommend you get a moderate CPU and GPU. They both can help with the pc gain performance levels, very quickly. If you have a good system, it could be that you need the GPU updated, or Blender may need to be reinstalled. There is no clear answer for this.

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