Issues with NPCs

So, I am making a game that uses anatomical models, and part of that is moving NPCs around and more. The issue is that sometimes the NPCs don’t behave as they should, they will refuse to weld to themselves or others, and sometimes spontaneously platform stand. I have solved the issue of platformstanding as I am used to this with other games, but I have never encountered the problem with NPCs not wanting to be welded. Is there a way to solve this or am I just SOL?


To solve issues with NPCs not welding properly, check for existing constraints or interfering objects and ensure proper parenting.

I have checked all that nothings interfearing with them. I have noticed this with a lot of other things like collisions so I think it may be roblox’s script system is taking over the NPCs as it sees it as a character rather than just a model


I did find that if you use a script to constantly make sure the body is sitting, that does seem to help

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