Issues with playing an animation with a player welded to it

Hey, devs. Recently I’ve been working on a mechanic that allows a player to weld another one onto its own parts (grabbing). Everything was going smoothly until I saw how it looked to other players.

From the attacker’s point of view, everything seems to be running fine, except for the choppiness after the player gets thrown, but that’s not my main issue.

As you can see from the video, it looks like the animation completely stops working for the victim. It actually looks like it plays for a split second, and stops, but I haven’t been able to find any solutions working from that.

The animation is being played from the server, and the player is getting welded to the sword. The weld is parented to the primary part of the sword. I’ve tried playing the animation locally, but that didn’t resolve any issues. I’d really appreciate it if someone could help me find the cause of this problem. Thanks again.


What is the animation’s priority set to? It may be overridden by a different animation (especially if you are using the default animation handler that comes with the instanced player)

All the animations shown in the video are set to Action. Sorry for not clarifying that sooner

It seems that the sword animation and the weld replicate to all clients, but it looks like the one that swings the player around is not being replicated. Are you able to provide where and how you are playing the animation?

The attack is split into two animations. The first animation is the dash, which is played locally. The second animation, which only plays when the attack hits, tells the server to weld the victim, load and play the second animation and shows the player raising his sword in the air and swinging the victim away.

Try disabling the default animation script and then try it again. That could be the issue (to do this, put a folder named “Animate” under StarterCharacterScripts, that will disable it)

Looks like you were spot on. Thanks a ton!

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No problem, Have a Happy Halloween if you celebrate it! :smiley:

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