Issues with UserInputService.TouchTap for mobile

I am encountering an issue where the player cannot fire the event when they are moving around with the thumbstick on mobile. I dont want the input event to fire when they are tapping on a gui, but I want them to be able to fire the event. TouchTapInWorld provides a different problem where if the player is moving around with the thumbstick and the player taps the screen the game registers the tap position in the position where the thumbstick is instead of where the user tapped.
Here is an example:
I basically want the player to move around and be able to use the event where they actually touch on the screen.

I believe this is happening because of your second argument, try disabling it then test again.

I need to have that arguement there or else the event will fire when the player touches any of the UI

Just try to see if it works, I believe the thumbstick is a core GUI.


I tried it and it worked, thank you!

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