Issuses with Custom Character Physics

Hello, I am having issues with my custom StarterCharacter. The character is relatively small, and I wanna keep the character that way; but an issue I face is the psychics with this character. Whenever the player jumps the character goes up, but gets stuck in the ground for a second and comes back up and also when the character interacts with really thin / small parts it gets stuck. I’ve done my best to find a solution, I tried to increase the HumanoidHipHeight, but it makes the model float up in the air like this;

Is there a way I can find a way to fix the physics of the character without making the character model float up in the air?

I’m not completely sure what’s going on, is this a character that walks around on the ground? A video showing the problem could be helpful if the solution below doesn’t work.

The problem may be occurring because the legs are very small and when the character moves, things get messed up or something.

What you could try is cloning it and making the legs bigger just to see if it’s the cause of the problem, then you can try to alter it to look how you want, while keeping it working.

Hope this can help!

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Yes, this is a character that walks on the ground;

Simple Video of The Character Walking

Interaction With Physics / Jumping

I will try these ideas and hopefully I can apply them to all of the rest of the skins in the game. If you have any more information or suggestions of how to help me, let me know. hopefully those videos could provide less confusion and could find other solutions too.

I had tried the cloning and making legs bigger, and it doesn’t seem to work. IF I were to increase the humanoidhipheight, it fixes the physics, but the character floats.