Item changes colour when cloned?

I am making a store and using viewport frames to display these guns: (ignore the badly scaled text, will fix soon).

Basically, when the shop items are loaded, a server script tells another script to load the viewport frames with the model that is cloned from ReplicatedStorage.

My issue though, is when it comes to the animated guns (forcefield material). The guns seem to just go red, even when the cloned model is a different colour.

These are the models of the green and cyan guns:

Both the mesh and the parent handle part are green and cyan.
they still appear as red in the viewport frame…

when I take a look at the models in the viewport frames, they are red? Why would they be changing?
Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 4.21.31 pm

I really cannot figure out why this is happening considering that the coloured guns are cloned, so nothing should be changing?

Can you post the code here? It’s hard to know what’s causing the issue without it.

Yes, the script would help.
I’m guessing you are getting the image of the red cloned gun first and that’s what is being displayed, but you are just reusing that image each time instead of loading the new image separately for each GUI.

I feel so stupid lol.
Turns out I was referencing an old folder. Completely forgot that I had a newer, updated folder.