Item not going into backpack

I’m very new to scripting and as practice I’m trying to make a shop system but I’m having a problem with making it so when the player clicks the item it goes into their backpack, does anyone know the solution? I’ve read posts about using parameters but I’m not very good at Implementing them. Here’s my code


You should do like this:

local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local Redblock = script.Parent

 Redblock.Parent = Player.Backpack

This is a server script so I cant use local player that was the first thing I tried. I probably should have mentioned that

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Later on, this is a LocalScript you probably used. What you could’ve done instead is:

local RedBlock = script.Parent
local ClickDetector = RedBlock.ClickDetector

	RedBlock.Parent = Player.Backpack

In a Script, not a LocalScript.

I thought you were using a LocalScript at first.

Yea sry I edited the post to include that

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