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About Ithurius Studios

We are a small developer team looking for new developers, that being said we would appreciate it if you are active (It’s ok if your not), we are working on a project called “Realists Nightmares”. The goal of Realists Nightmares is to be a Multi-Platform game. With a hub full of plenty of game modes, With a campaign with a fleshed out story! While the campaign is single player when we release it we want to make a co-op version of the campaign with a different storyline. It really is a realists nightmare!

The positions available


Programmer 1: Empty slot!
Programmer 2: Empty slot!
Programmer 3: Empty slot!


Builder 1: Goldengolom772
Builder 2: 40vipp
Builder 3: trainmasterlocke1
Builder 4: Empty slot!


Translator 1: Empty slot!
Translator 2: Empty slot!


Modeler 1: Empty slot!
Modeler 2: Empty slot!

GUI maker (Put under scripters in the group and discord server though)

GUI maker 1: Empty slot!

The social links to the team (group, discord server, etc more social links soon)

Discord server: Discord

But ithurius, I’m too lazy to create a discord acco-

I knew someone would say that, so here’s the group link: FrostVerse Development Group - Roblox


We only do robux payouts, you must be in group to get payouts. You get payed for working and how much effort you put into it. Not by time. So don’t think you can abuse dev rank for robux. Please note we may not be able to pay you on time due to group funds shortages, if this happens, just make a t-shirt with tax off and I purchase it so you get your robux payment. If I don’t have the robux I may have to shut down the group and never bring it back, lets just hope apocalyptic circumstances to where I have to delete my own group doesn’t happen.

Thank you for reading this thread.

Do you have any payment information in regards to these positions?
Also, can you outline your plans for this team? This is a major jump from a “small” team. 1 to 27 people is an extreme jump.

Can you give any extra info on this?


How are you going to pay that many people? That is not a small developer team…

Yeah, just like everyone else is saying. I do not think you need 5 programmers and 10 builders… Maximum builders you could have is 4-5, and that’s on a pretty big project, but 10 is extreme level like @railworks2 mentioned.

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I covered payment now in the Payment section now. And we are still not at enough devs to call it a team so we aren’t working on projects. I am working on a project but as it seems we are not doing team projects at the moment. That’s why I said we aren’t working on any projects. Hope this covers your concerns! One more thing, when I said “small”, I meant there weren’t many members.

Donations from buying items in our group shop helps us pay our devs. We may not be able to pay so it may have to be delayed. Considering that want to pay appropriately. Even then I might not have the robux to pay you.

There is no way you can pay that many workers, especially if you are gaining the cash from donations etc. What if the game flops and we spent all our time, that would be a scam leading for your account to be deleted. Reconsider the team, maybe lower the builders to 3, and programmers to 2-3 or something like that. There also shouldn’t be 3 Ui designers, I think 1 or even 2 is enough.

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This topic was automatically closed 14 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.