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Hey! For some time, i have thinked about ‘opening’ my own building services…
Today, i have finaly decided to open them!

First off i wish to tell something about myself to you!

At this moment, i am a 15 year old boy who mostly uses all the free time to create different kind of things on Roblox. I live in GMT+2
timezone and i usually like to work on a project myself but i can work with others too!
I haven’t really worked on any ‘big games’ that have became popular. Also i would asume that i can work on all kinds of project(s)! Realistic, futuristic, low-poly, ect.
(i really like low-poly stuff right now)
Oh yeah, don’t rush me when you want something to be done, please.

Now i wish to show you my creations!
(Oh yeah, alot of my builds can be found in my twitter @itzLegha.)

Here are some pictures of my creations:
Modern / realistic

image3 image0

Low-poly / cartoony



(I will be updating this alot)


Here are links to my games if you wish to look closer to them:
(Going to be udating this alot too)


I am available to work for you on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 15:00-21:00 and on weekends 11:00-23:00 [GMT+2] BUT i take my real life as a priority.


  • Robux
  • % of the game revenue
  • USD

Ways to contact me:

(I prefer to just message about the projects but we can get into a call if needed!)

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Amazing, I hope I could build like that. Pretty sure someone will contract you :wink:

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Wow, some really nice work!
If you can afford to have @itzLegha on your team, I’m sure you’d be very lucky.

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