Iunière | looking for clothing designer!

Iunière is a new and upcoming clothing company that is currently looking for professional and hardworking long-term clothing designers. I, lIumiere, is putting my own personal funds and work into advertisements of the group. Our group already has close to 90 members and gained about 70 members in the span of 72 hours and is hoping for the growth of the group to grow even higher. Our group’s clothing style is retro/vintage

You are able to check the group out here:

I have worked hard on our current homestore. Our current homestore currently has 200 mannequins that need to be filled with items. Our store currently has about 40-50 items. The ratio of pants to shirt mannequins in our homestore is about 1 to 2

Check out the homestore here: Iunière homestore (wip) - Roblox
Or check out these pictures of our homestore:

Iunière homestore

The homestore’s concept is that you spawn in a typical teenager’s bedroom as the closet of the room leads you to the intended store of. This may sound confusing but checking out the store in-game will give you a better idea of what the intended concept of the store is.

To be able to work as a clothing designer in the group, you must have experience creating realistic style clothes. As you know, our group has a specific style, retro & vintage.To better envision the style of group is, please have a look at this pinterest board:

If you would like to see our style in the form of a roblox character, here are a few examples of what we are expecting:

style examples

download (2)
blue plaid dress

Along with fitting to our group’s style, you must be 13 years or older and have a discord account. You must be able to keep in touch with me everyday about the production of clothing. You are allowed to upload the clothing yourself or an alternative option (usually if you don’t have premium), you may send the template to me and I will upload it.

Another important topic is the production of clothing. you MUST be able to create 2-4 OUTFITS DAILY and at least 14-15 OUTFITS a WEEK. This may seem like a lot of work, but the amount of clothes needed to be made daily will definitely decrease as our group is able to a good base amount of clothes.

NOTE: I am only looking for two designers
As of payment, I prefer for the designer to payed a percentage of what the clothes make. I am planning a 10-30 percentage to each designer. Note that I will be paying for all advertisements and anything related to the group. I will also be only be paying through group funds. While I prefer payment to be percentages instead of per asset, I am open to any negotiations regarding payment. Do note that if all else fails in the group, I will be able to pay for all clothes contributed to the group.

You may contact me through the Devforum replies
If you would like to reach me faster and effectively, you may speak to me through discord: llumiere#4887

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