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About Me

Hello! I am offering programming services to everybody. It has been almost one year and half since I started scripting. I can not say I am a professional programmer, but I could tell you that when I put effort and I am motivated, I work happily and I can script stuff that I would never thought I could script.


You can actually view one of my projects here: 🔥 [Buff!] Power World Training Simulator ⚔️ - Roblox (I got to say that I been scripting and I am much better at programming right now.)

Here you can see a project I worked on before.
robloxapp-20210724-1941455.wmv (3.3 MB)
And here a project I am actually working on.
robloxapp-20210724-1946251_Trim.wmv (1.3 MB)


I am able to work up to 7 or 8 hours as maximum at the weekend, during summer I am able to work for almost 8 hours, but while I got school, I am available to work for about 3 hours during the week.


Prices are up to my work time, or depending the result of my work. I would rather being paid with USD, but I accept robux as payment as well.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Izxn#1218

Thank you so much for reading!