Jamaica - Rules and Information


Thank you for being interested in this group, and thank you for being interested in making our games a better place for everyone.

The Republic of Jamaica has been founded by germanaviatorrbx and is currently building up and starting to get big. We are here for the community, and we are ready to help them in any way. This includes e.g. funding for uniforms and such stuff. If you need anything from us, DM any High Rank or High Command, or message me via the forum, we will try to reply.

We are allowing everyone at KINGSTON to drive a vehicle with a gamepass, Military Officers and Police Officers to drive a vehicle without needing approval. We have scripts in-place so that only the guy that spawned the vehicle can drive it, and Police Officers can move it.

To spawn a vehicle, you first have to buy the gamepass from our game store. Then, you must rejoin and use the car spawner. It is really simple, however, take care of your car as you will have to respawn it if you lost/damaged your car.

The speed limit is 50 in the city, 25 at the Border Checkpoint and 100 at any other roads.


  1. Treat everyone with respect.
  2. Accept the instructions given by the Military or any other executive body of the State, use the appropriate resources to prevent abuse.
  3. Drive normally, Game Administrators might kick/ban you if you’re going to go ape.
  4. Gamepasses may be removed, and with buying one you agree to that.
  5. Yield to pedestrians that want to cross.
  6. Yield to Officials if they need to quickly pass.
  7. Do not block any premium lanes.
  8. Do not Civilian Raid.
  9. If you are aiming a firearm towards someone from the Military or someone from the Police, they got the right to shoot you.
  10. Bypassing the filter warrants a ban/permban, depending on the severity.

More rules and regulations will be added as soon as possible, when the Bureau of Game Administration has been added.

Thank you for reading this, I hope you have a nice and pleasant day.