James' Café | Public Handbook

James’ Café | Public Handbook

Please Note: Do NOT share public links across our games. This is against Roblox TOS. Thanks!

  1. Hinting is NOT allowed. This will give you a lower chance of being promoted. This will result in a demotion.

  2. Grammar is required for LR, MR, HR, and SHR.

  3. Do not ask to be in a department. Only HR and SHR.

  4. No NSFW. This is not tolerated in our server!

  5. No swearing, bullying, and harassment. This will result as a termination and a possible blacklist.

  6. Do not make a new account if your main account has been banned / permanently banned. This is called ban evading. This will result in a blacklist.

  7. Please speak English in our Discord Server. It will be hard for our moderators to moderate the chat.

  8. Finally, have fun!