JamienChee - Builder // Map Developer

ALOHA! My name is Jamien, and I am a Builder : )

I’ve only been actively building for about 1 year now and I’ve made the most of every experience; working for top developers across the platform.

Some of whom include:
@Sharksie @AbstractAlex @BuildIntoGames @TheHyb @Repotted


  • Former RedManta General Builder
  • Current BIG Games Lead Builder
  • Current Roblox Accelerator

I am born and raised in Hawaii, so I operate from HST (Hawaii Standard Time). I am one of 2 known Roblox Developers from the islands.

I specialize in my personal style called Low-Poly Detailed, which makes my creations appear to have detail but keeps its low-poly, cartoony look. However, I can build in any style and using any material, I’m quite versatile and you’ll see all my examples listed below (I will edit the post to add up-to-date content).


Games at the top contain my most recent creations:

Pet Simulator 2

Spawn Area on Spawn Island

Jungle Island

Floating Island

Check out more here: https://www.biggames.io/post/the-worlds-of-pet-simulator-2

Fame Simulator

French Houses?

Contemporary English Houses

Windmill and Water Tower

Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/2773644823/Fame-Simulator

Pirate's Life by RedManta

Crypt on Graveyard Island

Hawaiian-Samurai Inspired Huts on Jungle Island

Nordic Palace on Winter Island

Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/1412688613/ALPHA-Pirates-Life

Venture (WIP RPG) by Me

Village Tavern

Guard Tower

General Store

Random Builds

Pool for a Gym Game

Greek Port Thing

Haunted House for Upcoming Game

Woodland Area Reveal for Intern Game

This is wholly dependent on the difficulty/tediousness of the task given to me and the deadline/time it takes to complete said task!

My services consist of optimizing the map/world, creating builds in my style or matching any style you want, and guaranteed satisfaction.

Contact me using any method below to receive your quote!

If you are interested in a quote for my services you may contact me at:
Jamien#1999 - Discord
twitter.com/jamienchee - Twitter DMs

I typically don’t check the DevForum, but feel free to DM me on here. I’ll probably receive an email.

Mahalo (thank you) for your consideration!


Vouch, good quality work and very versatile depending on theme of the game


JamienChee is a professional builder, definitely your guy if you’re looking for some quality work!


I’ve never hired Jamien before but his work is very beautiful and he does a great job with the map design and map design process.


I’m glad that you are not one of those developers who request a crazy amount of payment. I’ll be in touch.


Woah! You’re work looks amazing, and I’d pay any amount to have a Builder like you. I’ll also keep in touch! :grinning:


Ok guys, this is simple, if you want a really good and experienced builder - Just hire Jamien, he’s amazing.


Jamien is a building GOD! He’s also super responsive and respectful in DMs!


This dude knows how to build legos


Jamien is the kind of builder we should all strive to be: Skilled, reliable, and able to operate with very little sleep.


Jamien is an amazing builder! Super talented and super awesome!

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This builder is great and very creative !!

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Vouch for this dude, enjoyed working for him when I did. His builds are amazing.

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Jamien is simply an incredible developer. His work in Hoodlums is unparalleled.

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