Japanese Therapy center and cafe. (NOT FINISHED)

I have been spending the last few weeks building a Japanese cafe and therapy center.

What it includes:

  • Cafe
  • Reception desk
  • Waiting Room
  • Yoga Center
  • 10 therapy rooms.

Tell me your suggestions! I would love to hear them!


There’s not much to say about the interior, it’s pretty detailed and love what you did with the roof. I’d only suggest making more than one asset of trees and add more vegetation around your build.

Overall great build! :+1:

100% agree! Thanks for the suggestion!

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This is an amazing build, Love the building you should add more plants, benches maybe a fountain, also the colorful flowers kind of throw of the look of like a Japanese styled building maybe you can add other ones (Just my opinion though) other than that really nice build! :happy3:

Thanks so much! I was planning to add some more!