Jetski randomly turns right

Hello. I made a jetski, but when I drive it forward, it randomly turns right. Here is a video showing what happens:

Here is the engine script:

local vehicleSeat = script.Parent.Parent.VehicleSeat;

while wait() do
	local defaultForce = -0.5 * 1000;
	local torque =  0.0001;

	script.Parent.VectorForce.Force = * -vehicleSeat.Steer * vehicleSeat.Throttle, 0, defaultForce * vehicleSeat.Throttle)
	script.Parent.Torque.Torque =, torque, 0)

Any help?

I can’t really find the problem, but I do recommend defining your variables outside the loop as they stay the same.

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It didn’t really help. But thank you for trying to help :pray: :slight_smile:

I know, it’s just for efficiency. You don’t need to define them again every loop.

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