Jikou Public Handbook

Jikou is one of the newest teahouses on the ROBLOX platform. At Jikou we carefully simulate the Kyoto experience for our workers and drink consumers. It is our mission to give off the absolute best customer experience in the Teahouse Industry of ROBLOX. We honor ourselves with the uniqueness of our community, and the ability to bring a culture onto this platform.


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Affiliation Guide

At Jikou, we look for professional alliances to join and become a part of the group. To ensure that we look for the right groups, we have given requirements & questions below for everyone interested in forming an alliance to fill out. At any point that you have questions regarding the application please direct it towards any Relations Team member.


  • At least 100+ group members.
  • 100+ discord members.
  • Must provide two representatives.
  • Must have a well built staff team.


  • What is the name of the group you are trying to make an alliance with?
  • Who are your two representatives usernames & discord tags.
  • What is the group link of your establishment?
  • What is the discord server of your establishment?
  • Why are you trying to form an alliance with Kinsu?
  • What can your group bring to the table with forming events, activities, etc.

We appreciate your interest in applying for an alliance, please allow us up to 48 hours to discuss & come to a final decision whether to accept or decline.

Promotion Guide

Hey everyone, you must be looking at this as you are interested in seeking a promotion within this establishment. If you are interested, take a moment to read what is stated below.

➜ Must remain active at the Teahouse for about 30 minutes a day.
➜ Must be in the communications server.
➜ In order to get promoted, you are NOT allowed to ask for it.
➜ Must have a clear history within the ROBLOX industry.
➜ In order to be accepted into the Management you must be over the age of 13.

Low Rank Information

➜ Trainee

  • This role is achieved by passing an application at the Quiz Center. You MUST go to a training session in order to start working as a Low Rank.

➜ Certified Barista

  • After you pass a training session this role will be given to you upon passing. If you happen to abuse this privilege of serving customers it will be taken.

➜ Barista

  • This role is achieved by passing another session or obtaining the certain amount of points which is 150. This role is not obtainable by going to a training session.

➜ Senior Barista

  • After receiving 150 points, you will need to gain another 200 points to get Senior Barista. This role is not obtainable by going to a training session.

We thank you for taking the interest to looking over this handbook, we hope to see you down at the teahouse!