[JKR Productions] 2018 Building Contest 1

Hello! Welcome to the first building contest in JKR this year. It will go from today (2/9/2018) to February 21st (2/21) at 6:30PM PST.

Due to the recent success of the Falcon Heavy test launch, this contest is rocket-themed. Your objective is to build the most realistic rocket that has been built and launched in real life before (no fictional rockets!). You will be judged by three criteria:

  • Demonstration of expertise (no seams/cracks in builds, good use of materials/color, etc)
  • Detail, complexity, design, etc
  • Realism (how close it is to the rocket you tried to replicate, how realistic the design and details are)

If you’d like to be a part of this building contest, you do not need to contact an admin, but you must have your submission in by the 21st. The submissions will be discussed and a winner (and second place winner) will be revealed on the 22nd (at an undisclosed time, watch for an announcement!).
If you are the first place winner, you will receive 400 Robux as well as a possible future role in the development of JKR games (if you are okay with it, of course). The second place winner will receive 200 Robux and, although less likely, may also have involvement in JKR projects.
Honorable mentions will also be noted if certain submissions are not winners, but still have a noticable quality or specific specialty to them that we’d like to note.
Thanks for participating in our community, and I wish you all the best of luck! Build away!

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