JKR Research Facility - Name Change Notice

tl;dr JKRF is being renamed to “Cobalt Valley Research Facility” (CVRF), group will remain the same. We’re just changing the name, and it will be applied when 0.13 is released in the coming weeks.

Hello! As progress continues (and is nearing completion) for Update 0.13, we’ve been discussing our poll we did on the Discord server during the beginning of JKR’s reactivation: to rebrand the group and the game. Although we are not rebranding the group (we will remain “JKR Productions” now and for the foreseeable future), we have made the decision to rename JKR Research Facility to the previously suggested name: Cobalt Valley Research Facility. There are a bunch of reasons we are renaming the game, primary ones being:

  • The acronym “JKRF” doesn’t make sense. The correct acronym should be “JKRRF”, JKR Research Facility.
  • “Cobalt Valley Research Facility” looks far better than “JKR Research Facility”, especially on in-game text as the name doesn’t contain an acronym.
  • The name change gives us more creative freedom as it won’t be directly associated with the group name, allowing us to implement further lore for the game such as a fictional company without it needing to be associated with the group name to make sense.
  • It describes the facility’s setting directly in the name, being the fictional “Cobalt Valley” near the Alaskan mountain ranges. Many real life research facilities and labs, such as the Sandia National Laboratories and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory are named after the geographic location they reside in.

This name change will take effect when Update 0.13 is released.
To clarify again, the group name is staying the same! We’re still JKR Productions. It’ll also still be the same game you’ve played, just under a new name.

Expect a release for 0.13 in the next 2 weeks, as long as finishing touches and testing goes well!