JKRF Media Release - June 2020

Welcome to the June 2020 media release for the JKR Research Facility! This post (and future ones) will serve as a showcase of the development progress made over the past month(ish). A lot of work has been done behind-the-scenes but we’ve still got a lot to show here! Remember: nothing shown here is assured to be 100% complete, it’s just a development showcase. Stuff might change!

:warning: THESE ARE NOT RELEASE NOTES! JKRF 0.13 is still in development.

Revamped Security Area - Work in Progress

The security area has been completely rebuilt, featuring a new style and layout. It’s still a work in progress, screenshots may show build issues that will not exist in the final version (talking about you, window into the void).

Made by @ChromeEight

Safety Training Area Updates

The safety training area has also been updated to be easier to work with because someone (cough, me) didn’t align the old area to the grid properly. :)​

(note: the above room shows the new style that all rooms in the materials area, Sector E, will follow)

Made by @ChromeEight

Revamped Maintenance Wing

The maintenance wing (Sector B) has been redesigned to follow the same theme as the intermediary maintenance hallways that connect lab halls in Sector C.

Made by @The_Sink

New Distillation Lab + Revamped Models - Work in Progress

A new distillation lab is being worked on with much more detailed machinery, as well as a general overhaul of many common facility models (such as monitors and lab desks).

Made by @lavafactory

Achievements, Stats, and Currency

A bunch of work has been done on the systems for achievements, statistics, and the currency back-end that will be used in the future when roles are developed. Stats and achievements will be functional for 0.13.

Made by @The_Sink

New Lab: Waveform Manipulation - Work in Progress

This new lab will allow you to modify how a specified audio sounds using parameters that actively adjust the sound’s pitch to correlate to its playback loudness. It can get cursed, but we’ll let you play with that once it’s out. This lab will be replacing the previously unfinished radio interferometry lab, and the fastest route to it is by going through the control room to the bottom reactor control area, taking a left, and you’ll find yourself in the lab hall where it’s located.

Made by @The_Sink


We’ve done a ton of work that can’t really be shown with screenshots, too. This involves:

  • A custom admin system written from the ground up using Flux (our scripting libraries) that will allow us much easier integration with the game
  • An update to the jeeps to add driving sounds and honking
  • The back-end for saving and loading all player data, including their currency and all statistics, as well as all achievements earned
  • A fix for the auto door close sounds
  • A huge cleanup of our scripts to remove outdated or useless code that was present in the version we picked up on to release 0.12.1 and 0.12.2.


That’s about it for the month of June! Thank you for sticking with us to explore the progress of JKRF’s development. We’re working to release 0.13 soon, so stay tuned for updates! And as always, remember to join our community server (check social links on the group) to get more frequent updates, speak directly to JKRF developers + the community, and be a part of server events such as game nights.

See you soon!