Joestar Mansion (3/5 DONE)

Hello! I’ve been working on this build for ~2 hours and I would like to present the start of my new building project to the devforum. I am going to be using this for me and a few friends game that we are working on right now, and I want some feedback or what I can fix to make this look more accurate (some of the front is not finished, but most is) (also, my friend @dragonsamruai360 built the entrance with the door, the middle part)

Heres the reference:

Heres my take on it:

So, what do you guys think about it? Is it accurate, should I improve on materials, or, just what are you guys (or gals) feedback on my build?

EDIT: Thank you guys for your feedback, I worked on the roof, and I have done quite a bit new stuff, is it better now?
Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 4.15.56 PM


To be honest I’m not a big fan of it. I think it would benefit you if you used more than one reference so you would get a better sense of proportions and detailing.

It appears that your mansion is a bit disproportionate to how it appears in the Phantom Blood. Your roof appears to be too short and does not slant like it does in the show. It also appears far too wide. It is three windows shoulder to shoulder like in the below screenshot.

You also appear to be missing a lot of window and panel details

I think you might want to change your colour use. The orange you are using is far too saturated and contrasts quite heavily to the original, similarly the green appears to be quite dark.

Ultimately it depends on what you were going for. If you wanted to make a showcase highly detailed and highly accurate recreation of the mansion I would recommend starting again. If you were going for a lower quality more performance friendly build then you might just want to work on the proportions of the building.

Hope this was helpful.

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It looks good, cant say I see the resemblance that much maybe it’s because it’s not finished but I think you can change the colors of the mansion, for the roof maybe a cooler green and a creamy yellow. I’m not sure it’s just my opinion you have done much better then I every will :joy:

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It’ll look better If you added a few textures to those walls, but In general, I would make it more detailed with the roof.

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I’ll work on the saturation. Also that is from golden wind (drawn in a different style compared to phantom bloods style, both manga and anime) But yes, I will try to base it off that more too!

im late, but thats not from golden wind they just added in doppio. its from the first episode lol (just here cuz i searched up joestar mansion references cuz im making one)

Using other materials would help the build look much better for example Brick and Wood Planks. Also, adding more windows and adding more to the roof such as roof tiles, would make a huge difference.