Join our Game Jam group!

Hey everyone! RDC is just around the corner, and our group of 3 is hoping to find a couple more chill and talented people to join our Game Jam group. Here’s our lineup so far, with links to portfolios:

ThomasChabot, Scripter - ThomasChabot - Scripter Portfolio [CLOSED]
JustAnAverageTree, Scripter - JustAnAverageTree - Scripting Porfolio
CheckYourFacts, Builder/Designer - [NEW][OPEN] CheckYourFacts | Design, Building, and more!

If you’re a builder, animator, composer, or someone who can bring something different to the table, feel free to comment below, shoot me a DM, or add me on Discord (CheckYourFacts#2379)!

We’re also down to talk to you in person tomorrow night and throughout Saturday, but it would be great to know you a bit before then. :slight_smile: And if you have an existing group of 2 or 3 that wants to join forces, that’s cool too!

How did I just realize that you can’t put emoji’s in thread titles? :thinking:


accept me in discord my name is DeveloperBruno # 1175 I’m interested! in your project :slight_smile:

@BRUNO_HENRIQUELMA The gamejam was an event during RDC, which passed a few days ago…

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I know RDC has passed, but just wondering did you ever get anyone?

Yes, we did. We doubled our team size and filled capacity at 6 team members. Here’s a link to our game, if anyone is interested:

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Awesome. That sounds like you guys had fun. :smile: